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Have you ever noticed how the decision to sell your home inspires grand ideas for major renovations? Suddenly, you can’t see past all the things you think buyers will hate about your home.

Well, we’re here to set the record straight. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars—or weeks of toil and sweat—to make a home sale worth your while. With staging, you can get top dollar for your home without a huge investment.

Does it work? According to the National Association of Realtors, most agents say buyers will pay 1–5% more for a home that’s been staged. That’s a potential $2,000–10,000 added to the value of a $200,000 home!

Want to make a few thousand bucks more on your home sale? Give these options a whirl. Each of the following scenarios cost

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Are you looking for “the one” this Valentine’s Day? You know, someone who will be attentive to your wants and needs, always openly communicate with you and be there for you whenever you call? Yes? Well, then you’ve come to right place!


That is, if you’re talking about finding a Realtor that’s perfect for you… that is what you were talking about, right?!

Well, we may not be love gurus, but we do know a thing or two about helping buyers and sellers find a Realtor that they’re compatible with. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a few tips for buyers and sellers, who may have been looking for Realtor love in all the wrong places!

Here are a few tips for finding a professional Realtor that is perfect for you:

  1. Shop

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Working with a Realtor has advantages for buyers and sellers. A real estate professional can make the job easier for you, and you may get a better outcome than if you went the DIY route. Your real estate agent is a lot like your travel agent, helping you avoid pitfalls, and making sure you end up exactly where you want to be!

We’ve outlined a few, for buyers and sellers.

Buying a home? You’ll be glad you’re working with a Realtor…

  1. When the negotiations aren’t as easy as you thought they’d be. You asked for a small allowance, $1,000, to remove that hideous wallpaper in the dining room and repaint. The seller, as it happens, loved that garish wall covering, and doesn’t understand why you don’t want to keep it. Or why you can’t just paint over
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Housing sales in Windsor-Essex are up again in April with a 25.70% increase over April 2014.

The Windsor-Essex County Realtors Association says 582 homes were sold this past April compared to 463 last year.

In Windsor, the east end is where most homes changed hands with 69 sold, followed by Central and Downtown with 66 and south Windsor rounds out the top three with 62.

In the county, LaSalle was the most popular area with 49 houses sold, Amherstburg had 43 and Leamington rounds out the top three with 40 sold.

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Fierce competition among banks and home buyers is driving mortgage rates down and home prices up, signalling the start of a spring housing market that many observers expect will be particularly heated this year.

Bank of Montreal unveiled a 2.79-per-cent promotion for its five-year, fixed-rate mortgage Tuesday, a special that comes with prepayment restrictions. Toronto-Dominion Bank quickly rushed to match the offering, saying it will drop the posted rate on its standard five-year mortgage to 2.79 per cent, from 3.09, starting Wednesday. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce began offering a five-year fixed mortgage earlier this month with a rate that starts at 1.99 per cent for the first 9 months before rising to an average of 2.79 per cent. It resets to

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You don’t have to break the bank to have your house looking as though it was professionally staged. These tips and tricks will have your house sell-ready and gorgeous before you can say “why hasn’t it always looked this way?!”



1) De-Clutter

The first step in getting ready to sell is de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter so potential buyers aren’t overwhelmed by your stuff, but rather impressed by your home. Counters and other surfaces should be kept clear and any furniture that isn’t needed stored away. The good news about this tedious task is packing and purging will make moving day that much easier.


2) Lights and Mirrors

Warm lighting and well-placed mirrors can make your home feel bright, inviting and even bigger. Mirrors placed

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