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January 2016

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You've worked hard to make your bedroom a welcoming sanctuary, but beneath its pretty facade, there could be serious health hazards lurking. Read on to uncover the bedroom dangers that could be harming you while you sleep and learn what you can do about them.

Air Quality

  • Open Windows

Let your bedroom air out by opening the windows as weather permits each day. It will refresh the space and void it of noxious gasses that can build up indoors over time.

  • House Plants

Not only will a potted plant or two beautify your bedroom, but they will also release oxygen and help filter out harmful compounds emitted by everyday cleaners, detergents, and fragrances. Studies show that these 10 houseplants can even improve your health.

  • Purify
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Working with a Realtor has advantages for buyers and sellers. A real estate professional can make the job easier for you, and you may get a better outcome than if you went the DIY route. Your real estate agent is a lot like your travel agent, helping you avoid pitfalls, and making sure you end up exactly where you want to be!

We’ve outlined a few, for buyers and sellers.

Buying a home? You’ll be glad you’re working with a Realtor…

  1. When the negotiations aren’t as easy as you thought they’d be. You asked for a small allowance, $1,000, to remove that hideous wallpaper in the dining room and repaint. The seller, as it happens, loved that garish wall covering, and doesn’t understand why you don’t want to keep it. Or why you can’t just paint over
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The Consumer Electronics Show, held annually in Las Vegas, drew the usual crowds as companies unveiled gadgets and software that they hope will become the next big thing in our daily lives. Here are five innovations for the home that could be coming to a property near you.

The Smoke Alarm

The Halo smoke alarm doesn’t need clouds of smoke to detect there’s a problem, its sensors can identify smoldering fires and flash fires before they worsen. It can also detect elevated carbon monoxide levels and will monitor the weather service for dangerous weather alerts such as tornadoes.

Users can adjust the alarm’s settings via an app and can receive notifications of threats. The alarm can also be integrated with a range of smart home systems.

The smoke

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When you’re searching for a new home, few steps are as important as getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan.

Not only does it help you as a buyer, but sellers will view you as a better candidate. And if you get involved in a bidding war for your dream home, it helps to be the kind of buyer that sellers consider reliable.

How a mortgage pre-approval works:

First, you send documents proving your income to a mortgage lender. These documents can include your last two paycheck stubs, last two months of bank statements and last two years or income-tax returns. Your lender then studies these documents to verify your monthly income. Your lender will also run your credit to determine your credit score.

Once your lender has this information, it will

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Have a small window of free time? Embark on a mini purge: Take a lap around the house with a garbage bag and toss the stuff below. Letting it go (via trash or recycling) will bring you satisfaction and bring order to your home.

  1. Socks without a match
  2. Food-storage containers without a lid
  3. DVDs you never watch
  4. Expired coupons
  5. Dried-out markers
  6. Baking supplies you'll never use (i.e. apple pie spice or those three cupcake holders left over from the Fourth of July)
  7. T-shirts that are too big, which you said you would wear to bed but never do
  8. Trinkets from birthday-party goodie bags or the treasure chest at the dentist (mini Slinky toys, tiny erasers)
  9. Ketchup and soy sauce packets
  10. Chipped plates



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